From Chief Information Officer Liz Sexton-Kennedy: OCIO’s top five

Liz Sexton-Kennedy

Computing held an all-hands meeting on Monday, Nov. 5. Jim Amundson, Jon Bakken and I presented. Here are the top five takeaways:

  • Nigel’s Top 5 has everything to do with the work that we do. We are either directly working on projects, such as providing SURF networking capability and making significant contributions to ProtoDUNE, or we are providing support, allowing our colleagues to accomplish these tasks.
  • Computing is crucial to every aspect of the U.S. particle physics programs. Without computing there would be no modern particle physics.
  • Computing is changing, with new architectures and technologies emerging. Optimizing high-performance computers (supercomputers) and computing at the exascale level are the future. We must be ready.
  • As experiments become more international, the need to seek collaborative computing solutions is becoming increasingly important.
  • Operations is critical to keeping the lab functioning. We must maintain an efficient, well-functioning and secure infrastructure for the lab.

Liz Sexton-Kennedy is Fermilab’s chief information officer.