Mentoring Initiative mentor spotlight – Dmitri Denisov

Dmitri Denisov

Fermilab’s 2018 Mentoring Initiative cohort is nearing its end. Twenty-four participants make up the 12 mentoring pairs from diverse job categories and levels from across the lab. Holly Lett of the Professional Development Office sat down with mentor Dmitri Denisov in a Q&A session to learn what his experience has been so far. To learn more about the Mentoring Initiative, please visit the mentoring website. Mentor and mentee profiles can be submitted through November 21.

“You have to like your job to succeed.”
Dmitri Denisov, mentor

HL: Why did you decide to participate in the mentoring program?
DD: I wanted to share my experience, offer advice to my Fermilab colleagues and help the laboratory succeed. Offering sometimes even minimal guidance on adjustments in attitude and direction can improve an individual’s performance and satisfaction.

HL: What surprised you most about being a mentor?
DD: My mentee’s openness and interest in discussing various topics.

HL: What impact has mentoring had on you professionally?
DD: I learned a lot about another area of laboratory activity, which broadened my perspective. I gained a better understanding of why and what people want to achieve.

HL: What do you value most about being a mentor?
DD: Helping others and the laboratory.

HL: What value do you think mentoring brings to the lab?
DD: The program enables laboratory employees to find a greater level of satisfaction in their work. This helps employees become more efficient and increases engagement.

HL: What else would you like for others to know about mentoring?
DD: It doesn’t require much of mentor’s time. Participating in the mentoring program could bring benefits to all involved – try it!