From CFO Vanessa Peoples: the Finance Section’s top five

Vanessa Peoples

On Friday, December 7, the Finance Section gathered to discuss priorities, accomplishments, and the path ahead. Here are the highlights from the meeting:

  1. Safety remains paramount – both in Batavia and South Dakota. This includes cybersecurity, especially when executing business transactions. We are on the front lines of this type of security. Remain diligent.
  2. Our project funding is on target. This is good news! Projects comprise more than 50 percent of our overall portfolio. As our profile grows, so does the level of support required of us. We must pivot to provide appropriate support, interaction and coordination.
  3. Finance Section’s support and service delivery model will align with the lab’s efforts and strategic priorities. We must understand plans, priorities, and problems to be effective business partners.
  4. Consistent interaction and partnership with the FSO is paramount. It is crucial to the success of the lab. We must ensure the right lines of communication remain open with the FSO.
  5. We moved some significant initiatives forward in Finance in FY18. We should pause and celebrate our achievements, even though FY19 is here!
    • Revised Travel website and introduction of customer service feedback surveys
    • Awarded Option 1A under LBNFF CM/GC subcontract
    • Completed Retirement Plan audit
    • Successfully closed FRA corporate books
    • Demonstrated progress with the use of BPS