From Chief Safety Officer Martha Michels: ESH&Q’s top five

Martha Michels

The Environment, Safety, Health and Quality Section held an all-hands meeting on Dec. 17. Following are the top five messages from the presentation.

  1. Always top of the list, the lab is nothing without its greatest resource, its employees. Safety should be integrated in everything we do, and safety away from work is just as important as safety at work. A new campaign — Safe at All Times — will launch soon and include employees’ stories on how safety is part of their lives at Fermilab and at home.
  2. We all need to work to create an inclusive workplace. Respecting and including everybody’s presence and voice is critical to the success of the lab.
  3. Hard work. We’ve accomplished a tremendous amount this year and it’s important to take a moment and feel good about helping to move the lab forward. We also need to reflect on what we can do better in the future.
  4. Evolution (and adaptation). Evolution — centralization, job rotation, task rotation and succession planning — is the key to our success. We’re developing depth in expertise and are agile enough to respond to mission needs more quickly and effectively. We will continue to look for ways to shift and stretch to meet the ever increasing needs of the lab.
  5. Together we’re better! We are stronger when we collaborate across the lab. ESH&Q works with mission support, projects, HPI assessments and risk mitigation. The Tritium Task Force is an excellent example of collaboration, particularly the Booster Neutrino Beam project. (Chris Greer and Cons Gattuso presented on the topic.)