From Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer Alison Markovitz: CSPO’s top five

Alison Markovitz

The Office of the Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer held an all-hands meeting on Dec. 17. Here are the top five messages from the presentation:

  1. Safety is our first priority. We are on the front lines of ensuring that our visitors are safe and secure, and communicating the importance of safety to our laboratory community.
  2. With organizational changes in CSPO, we have an opportunity to build on synergies and broaden our reach. With the addition of the Office of Education and Public Outreach to the Chief Strategic Partnerships Office, it will work alongside the Office of Communication to share the laboratory’s scientific accomplishments and the work of our scientists.
  3. As ambassadors for the lab, we can lead the effort to improve diversity and inclusion. As we develop messages for the lab and reach out to members of our local community and beyond, we should make diverse communities a priority and highlight that science – and science at Fermilab – is a place that benefits from different perspectives.
  4. We play a vital role in bringing the lab’s flagship project, LBNF/DUNE with PIP-II, to the world. In 2019, our role in explaining these projects and reaching a wide audience is particularly important as we move toward baselining of these projects and celebrate breaking ground on PIP-II.
  5. We also inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The CSPO offices tap into the wide range of talents across the lab to educate and inspire the public.