From COO Tim Meyer: the OCOO’s top five

Tim Meyer

On Friday, December 7, after an intense night of social activity at The Frontier Pub, the Office of the Chief Operating Officer held an all-hands meeting. Exciting things are happening as Fermilab fully steps into its future: bringing the world together for neutrinos. Strong engagement with our partners around the world and at DOE mean great things are happening – and we must remain focused to keep on track and deliver world-class science. Here are the top five takeaways of that meeting:

  1. Safety at all times: we mean it. Pay attention, think things through, speak up, and learn lessons. We are considering a revolution in how we plan and give training, and your thoughts are welcome. And winter is here – walk and drive safe.
  2. We are in execution mode. The OCOO is the tip of the spear in moving from vision to execution, and we should take pride in how we are involved in every project, every deliverable, every proton on target, and every scientific publication.
  3. Our flagship projects continue to shine. Major construction contracts for LBNF were recently awarded, and we are now preparing to move about 800,000 tons of rock from a mile underground to the Open Cut in South Dakota. PIP-II received a great DOE review and saw yet another international commitment. We’re already using contributions from our international partners, such as India’s BARC. And LCLS-II cryomodules are exceeding expectations and have successfully just made the cross-country journey to SLAC.
  4. It’s report card time with the DOE. Fermilab had many successes over the past year, but also some challenges. A few items arrived late, and some with more drama than anticipated. We’ve already started thinking about how we can deliver what we promise while managing expectations. Keep in mind that FY 19 has a record number of Notable Outcomes; we normally have about a dozen items – but next year, we have 21.
  5. Fermilab has room to grow in having a diverse workforce. To do the best possible science, Fermilab has to attract, recruit, and retain new and diverse talent. We will be conducting a confidential online survey to learn how people perceive the working climate at Fermilab. A steering group will advise on the questions and hold management to account once we determine what actions will move the lab forward.

Thanks to everyone for all that you do, and have a happy and safe holiday season.