Top five from PIP-II Director Lia Merminga

<center>Lia Merminga</center>

Lia Merminga

It was my privilege to inform staff of the significant progress we’ve made at PIP-II, as well as give a run-down of our substantial to-do list in making PIP-II a world-leading accelerator project. Our strong, experienced team is doing excellent work, and we’re grateful to an effective Integrated Project Team, the Office of High-Energy Physics, the DOE Fermi Site Office and the Fermilab Directorate for their strong support.

The top five take-away themes from the meeting are:

  1. Safety first. The increasing pace of activity on PIP-II means that we must be more focused on safety than ever before. Let us make sure that safety remains our top priority.
  2. Quality is a close second. PIP-II recognizes the essential role of quality for the project’s successful execution and is pioneering practices to ensure quality on all project functions during all project phases.
  3. PIP-II must be baselined in FY19. This is an important milestone, critical to the continuing commitment of our international partners, and to PIP-II’s timely execution. It is an ambitious goal that will require everyone’s laser-like focus, ingenuity and relentless effort.
  4. Partners are essential for the success of the PIP-II project. We need to support them, help them be successful and work together as one team.
  5. The PIP-II team is making excellent progress! Keep up the great work!

Lia Merminga is the director of the Proton Improvement Plan II project.