Cecilia Gerber of UIC appointed to second term as LHC Physics Center co-coordinator

Cecilia Gerber

Cecilia Gerber

Cecilia Gerber, a physicist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has been appointed to a second term as co-coordinator of the Fermilab-based LHC Physics Center (LPC).

As co-coordinator, Gerber has been instrumental in supporting highly successful efforts at the LPC while introducing new programs and shaping the future of the center, says her fellow co-coordinator, Sergo Jindariani. Under her leadership, the LPC took a leading role in Run-2 data analyses, detector operation and upgrade efforts.

Gerber initiated courses for credit for graduate students associated with the LPC, led the organization of the CMS data analysis schools and helped identify and define projects that LPC university groups could contribute to in order to earn collaboration service credits necessary for authorship, among other contributions.

“Cecilia deeply cares about the success of the center and the CMS experiment in general, as well as about people involved,” Jindariani said. “She is particularly passionate about educating and training junior researchers, and it makes a big difference here at the LPC. In the times of tight research budgets, she worked closely with Fermilab and DOE officials to ensure proper support for the LPC and its vital contributions to CMS. She is an excellent physicist and leader, and serves as role model for new generations of CMS scientists.”

Gerber looks forward to continuing to support the LPC and its residents.

I am honored to continue serving in this position and look forward to the exciting years ahead, when we will prepare for Run 3, start construction of an improved detector for the high luminosity LHC era, and complete the analyses of Run 2 data,” she said. “The LPC will continue to strive to be a place of education and collaboration, enabling physicists from all over the world to effectively contribute to the CMS experiment.”