Lab updates for Wednesday and Thursday

This is a reminder that Fermilab will remain open on Wednesday and Thursday. Following are items that you should be aware of:

  • Services including the Day Care Center, the Users Office, the users center and Frontier Pub,, Lederman Science Center and Abri Credit Union will be closed on Wednesday. Other services may be reduced including the Wilson Hall cafeteria, which will have a limited menu, and Fermilab taxi service.
  • It is strongly suggested that managers schedule work on Wednesday to minimize the number of people who will need to be on the Fermilab site.
  • Employees who are able to telecommute are strongly encouraged to do so.
  • For employees who do not have a telework agreement in place, formal approval will be waived for Wednesday if you have approval from your supervisor confirmed by an email message. Telecommuting work can include completing Fermilab-related online training (most online training does not require VPN access).
  • A correction to Monday’s message: Employees who are unable to telecommute and do not wish to travel to the lab cannot charge three hours of Weather Diff in Kronos. The only people who can charge Weather Diff on Wednesday are people who travel to the lab. To account for the hours that you would normally work on Wednesday, you can work additional hours during this pay period or use vacation hours. Please refer to the Inclement Weather and Snow Policy for more details.
  • The lab will have a late start on Thursday with a suggested arrival of 10 a.m. Employees who travel to the lab are able to take up to three hours of Weather Diff on Thursday to account for their time.
  • The Day Care Center will open at 10 a.m. on Thursday.
  • Do not spend time outdoors. When walking to and from your vehicle, be sure to cover all exposed skin. Frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes