Update on water-pipe situation

As reported this morning, a pipe supplying water from the Central Utility Building to Wilson Hall broke. After investigation, it was determined that the pipe provides the heating for:

  • Wilson Hall
  • Most of the Linac but not including North Linac loft, a portion of the south Linac and the Linac cavity tunnel
  • Cross gallery
  • Portions of the transfer gallery
  • Central Utility Building
  • S&W Booster towers

To perform repairs, the heating system will be shut down, and work will begin this afternoon. Repairs may be completed tonight, but we expect that the areas listed above may be quite chilly on Friday.

While Wilson Hall and the other affected areas will not be formally closed tomorrow, employees who work in the areas are strongly encouraged to work from home. If you are an essential employee and/or required to be on site at Wilson Hall, consider using a lab-approved space heater on the low or medium setting (so circuits are not overloaded). For the remainder of the lab, it will be business as usual on Friday, and you should report to the lab as planned.

Fire protection and drinking water throughout the Fermilab site remain unaffected.

We expect that the building will be back to normal on Monday and will confirm via an all-hands message on Sunday afternoon.