Family Open House a success

On Sunday, Feb. 10, an incredible 2,500 people turned out for Fermilab’s 2019 Family Open House. Visitors were excited to learn about the lab’s work and engaged in the numerous hands-on science activities that filled the Wilson Hall atrium and Ramsey Auditorium.

This year’s open house included an exhibit commemorating the work and spirit of Leon Lederman, Nobel laureate and Fermilab’s second director. The exhibit featured artifacts from our archives and stories from those who knew and worked with Lederman.

Students from seven high schools staffed science exhibit booths, engaged kids and parents alike in the fun of physics.

One special event was Fermilab Friends for Science Education’s Great Neutrino Hunt. Participants received a detector card listing different types of neutrinos. Their job was to find elusive neutrinos — which were actually scientists wearing different types of hats representing the different types of neutrinos.  If participants found all three, they were allowed to join the experiment collaboration and could enter their names for a prize.

Visitors also got to see how people at Fermilab are connected to people a mile underground at Sanford Lab in South Dakota: Fermilab scientists and engineers hosted a livecast with experts on location at the former mine where the DUNE far detector will be built. Guests got to interact with people both at Fermilab and at the Sanford Lab site, asking questions and learning all about DUNE.

  • Photo: Giulio Stancari