Keeping up with Fermilab Computing – check News at Work

Jon Bakken

Jon Bakken

As is necessary to carry out projects and routine operations, we in Fermilab Computing do a lot of work that affects people’s day-to-day work lives. Figuring out how to communicate this work to you can be challenging.

For example, we don’t always have ways of determining who is using a particular application or who is running a web server on a noncentral system, so it is impossible not only to send an email only to those affected, but also to determine exactly who is affected.

We are always working to determine how we can best get news to you, and we appreciate the feedback we have received about this.

The lab’s primary mechanism for conveying news is the News at Work website. Recently, a “Computing” tab was added to the announcements section on the right of the News at Work home page.

We post upcoming changes, major service outages and essential information like cybersecurity announcements. Not all posts will be relevant to you, but the Computing tab gives you one single place where you can get information about what’s going on in both the core and scientific computing areas.

Our goal is to keep you informed, but we need your cooperation to do this. We will continue sending email as well, though we aim to reduce the number of email messages. (Note that many of our users might not receive email about items that affect them.) I recommend that you continue to read your email and to use any other mechanisms to get information that you use today, but in addition, check News at Work.

Jon Bakken is the Fermilab deputy chief information officer.