Colon cancer awareness

Colon Cancer Awareness

Colorectal cancer affects both men and women. In the early stages of colorectal cancer, there may be no symptoms. That’s why it’s important to know the risk factors for colorectal cancer and to talk to your doctor about the right time to get screened. There is no cure for colorectal cancer, but screening and diagnostics can help determine the right course of treatment for you.

If you are 45 years old or older and have one of the risk factors, you should talk with your doctor about getting screened.

Fermilab’s sick policy allows employees to use sick time for a colonoscopy. This includes both the prep day and the day of the test. An employee may use family sick time to take a spouse to a colonoscopy.

Remember, even for people who feel fine and have no symptoms—people with early colorectal cancer may be symptom free. Early detection is the key to healthy outcomes. For more information about the colon cancer risk factors, education materials about colon cancer and tips on how to talk to your doctor visit the wellness page of the employee benefits website.


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