Paul Czarapata named deputy chief engineer

Paul Czarapata

Paul Czarapata, associate division head for engineering and support in the Accelerator Division, has recently been appointed as Fermilab’s deputy chief engineer. The newly created position will support the lab’s chief engineer, Chris Mossey, deputy director for the LBNF Project.

Fermilab’s engineering community (including engineering associates and engineering physicists) is spread throughout the lab and makes up a large part of the Fermilab team. The chief engineer and deputy chief engineer will engage with a wide range of issues affecting the engineering community and the lab, including:

  • Recruiting, development, diversity and overall health of Fermilab’s engineering community
  • Consistent engineering processes in areas such as the Contractor Assurance System and other enterprise management systems
  • Serving as an interface point with other labs on general engineering issues