From Nigel Lockyer: Fermilab’s top five

Editor’s note: The video of the March 12 director’s all-hands meeting is now available online. Access to the Fermilab network is required to view the video.

Here are the highlights from the March 12 state-of-the-lab all-hands meeting.

  1. Stay focused on upping performance to the highest level. Safety, projects, operations and business systems are all integral to the success of the lab’s goals.
  2. PIP-II to be baselined this summer. Technical progress is impressive and partnering is going well. Successful groundbreaking with many elected officials and project leaders was held on March 15.
  3. LBNF/US-DUNE to be baselined late fall. Work in South Dakota has started in earnest and DUNE is proceeding well. ProtoDUNE continues to be a huge success. Next up: baseline all far-site work followed by baselining all near-site work in 2020. Will continue to engage international partners
  4. CMS Detector Hi-Lumi upgrades: Goal is CD-1 by summer. Congratulations on CD-2 for AUP. Next up: test of mechanical and electrical performance of prototypes.
  5. Mu2e Project team must stay focused. Big success on test wind. Scheduled to begin winding PS production coils by the end of March.