Hackathon and Hack-n-Doodle – March 13-14

The Accelerator Division, in partnership with the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer (OPTT), will host a combined Hackathon and Hack-n-Doodle event on March 13 and 14 .

On Wednesday, March 13, members of the Accelerator Division will hold their annual Hackathon. The day-long event allows individuals and groups to pursue ideas that daily schedules do not typically allow time to address. Past Hackathons resulted in a 3-D-printed protective cover for the LCLS-II cryomodule, a simulation of the plastic distortion during a welding process and a new design of a toolbox for use in the tunnels.

The following day, Thursday, March 14, the entire laboratory along with Hackathon participants are invited to meet with OPTT between noon and 2 p.m. in the Wilson Hall cafeteria to discuss their inventions. During the lab’s first Hack-n-Doodle, OPTT will accept inventions drawn or written on napkins as official invention disclosures and potential technologies for patenting. Employees are awarded for patent and copyright disclosures and share in royalty proceeds if the intellectual property is licensed.

The event is a celebration of great ideas and creative works originally written on napkins.

Everyone is invited to participate in the napkin event; even if you don’t have an invention, napkin drawings of all kinds will be accepted and potentially featured in a follow-up news article.

We will provide water and sodas to participants.

Aaron Sauers is Fermilab’s patent and licensing executive.

Submit your invention on a Fermilab napkin at the lab’s first Hack-n-Doodle, March 14. And if you’re in the Accelerator Division, don’t forget about the March 13 Hackathon. Photo: Aaron Sauers