2019 Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Practicum

When the expectation is on you to find the funding for your proposal or when your focus is on invention commercialization, how do you articulate your value proposition? To communicate the value of your work, you must understand what the customer is looking for.

The Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer will host a six-week short course for Fermilab researchers interested in connecting their work with direct societal impact. Students will be exposed to core entrepreneurship and commercialization concepts and have the opportunity to practice their skills.

The course is scheduled for six consecutive Thursdays, from 4PM to 7PM in the IARC Building, starting April 18, 2019 and ending May 23, 2019. Seats are limited.

All technical professionals are welcome. Your attendance is recommended if you are:

  • An LDRD principal investigator
  • An inventor interested in seeing your inventions commercialized
  • A researcher seeking external funding for your work

Register for the six-week course at: https://indico.fnal.gov/event/20282/

Featured instructors

  • Daniel Bowring, Fermilab, AD
  • Charlie Cooper, Fermilab, IARC
  • Brendan Kiburg, Fermilab, PPD
  • Steve Lehman, Polsky Center at U. of Chicago
  • Jason Pariso, Polsky Center at U. of Chicago
  • Aaron Sauers, Fermilab, OPTT
  • Cherri Schmidt, Fermilab, OPTT & IARC
  • Ray Stochowiak, Founder & CEO, Shared Imaging LLC
  • Charles Thangaraj, Fermilab, IARC

Questions? Contact Laura Rogas, lrogas@fnal.gov.