Chiarelli and Toback voted CDF co-spokespeople for remainder of collaboration activities

Giorgio Chiarelli and David Toback

In a vote held earlier this month, the members of the international CDF collaboration at Fermilab voted for co-spokespeople Giorgio Chiarelli, INFN Pisa, and Dave Toback, Texas A&M University, to serve as spokespersons for the remainder of the collaboration activities. While DOE funding and Fermilab’s involvement in the experiment have expired, the global particle physics community is finalizing some interesting and comprehensive data analyses. The INFN computing center CNAF in Bologna is actively supporting these activities.

Scientists of the CDF collaboration are working on wrapping up the final analyses of the proton-antiproton collision data obtained with the Tevatron collider at Fermilab, including their final measurement of the mass of the W boson. The collaboration has published more than 700 papers. A total of 645 graduate students have obtained their Ph.D. degrees based on their research with the CDF experiment and its data.