From Accelerator Division Head Mike Lindgren: AD’s top five

Mike Lindgren

On Monday, April 22, Mary Convery and I presented at the Accelerator Division all-hands meeting. We covered the budget, upcoming staffing, and operation plans. The top five priorities echo those I gave at the end of last year and will help guide our ongoing efforts:

  • The Accelerator Division has a very large scope of work, but we should never lose sight of safety as the ultimate priority. With so much going on, we must all ensure that we take the time to work safely.
  • PIP-II and LBNF are crucial projects for the lab. The Accelerator Division must work to ensure PIP-II is ready to be baselined in 2019 and that LBNF makes progress towards baseline. If there is project work you can do because of reduced running, work with the project to find tasks you can take on to help them get to baselining.
  • The accelerator complex has had great performance to date so far in FY 19, with high uptime and record beam power. We must continue to deliver on promised accelerator operations, including running NuMi, delivering muons on target, ensuring the switchyard gets 10 percent of test beam time, and making sure the Booster Neutrino Beamline meets baseline requirements.
  • Mu2e is another lab priority, and has seen some recent successes with coil winding. It’s our job to keep the experiment on track to completion.
  • We’re working hard to complete the modernization review, an opportunity for us to remake the accelerator infrastructure to fulfill the lab’s mission and ensure that Fermilab remains a global center for accelerator science.

If you have questions, please reach out.

Mike Lindgren is the head of the Accelerator Division.