In photos: Earth Day Fair 2019

On April 25, Fermilab hosted its annual Earth Day Fair in the Wilson Hall atrium, and it was a big success. Thanks to the day’s earlier big event, DASTOW, we had some welcome extra company: kids! Employees and their children got to visit our booths, check out the electric vehicles on display in the Wilson Hall driveway, and say hello to some reptilian wildlife.

Specifically, they saw a Blanding’s turtle and great plains rat snake. Staff from Willowbrook Wildlife Center came to Fermilab to educate us about these animals. The Blanding’s turtle is on the state’s endangered species list. The great plains rat snake is classified as threatened.

The fair also featured a water bottle collection. Many thanks to those who contributed! We invited folks to guess the number of plastic bottles in the bag, and a few people took home prizes for getting close to the right figure: 1,105 bottles. That’s approximately the number of plastic bottles that are used sitewide each working day.

We also thank everyone contributed to the donation to the local organization Mutual Ground, who accepted clothing for local families. We will continue to accept donations through Friday, May 3. Your donations can be dropped off at the admin desk on WH7E. See the Earth Day webpage for details on donatable items.

Bridget Iverson is the Fermilab environmental protection manager.

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