Project Office’s top five

Bob Tschirhart

The Office of the Chief Project Officer held its all-hands meeting on April 8. The top five takeaways of the meeting are:

1. Advancing and supporting our suite of major and minor projects is key to Fermilab’s future. The next six months will be a busy time. We aim to advance approvals of LBNF/DUNE, PIP-II, the CMS upgrade and the Integrating Engineering Research Center this year, as well as successfully complete Phase-1 of the CMS upgrade. It’s also important for us to perform well on all of our projects, including infrastructure-associated projects.

2. We’re now paying attention to P6: professionalism, partnership, proactive perception, perseverance and presentation.

3. We’re improving integration with other systems, such as procurement and finance. We’re looking for ways to increase the online connection between our review tracking system and others, such as the systems that track requisitions.

4. We encourage and support professional development, such as PMP certification and inclusion in review processes. Our best strategy forward is to build our staff by recruiting junior people. If you’re interested in getting your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or other professional development, talk to Rich or Bob.

5. We very much appreciate the hard work, professionalism and diligence of our team.

Bob Tschirhart is the Fermilab chief project officer.