Chief Strategic Partnerships Office’s top five

Alison Markovitz

The Office of the Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer held an all-hands meeting on April 8. Here are the top five messages from the presentation:

  1. Safety and operational excellence are integral to the lab’s success. Safety is the lab’s top priority and above all we need to make sure that our activities are safe. Operational excellence includes effective, efficient use of resources and establishing and following clearly-articulated policies.
  2. Outreach activities are transitioning from the Office of Communication to the Office of Education and Public Outreach. The transition aligns education with outreach.  Upcoming activities to be led by the Office of Education and Public Outreach include Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (DASTOW) which will be held on April 25 to coincide with the national day, participation in the French American Science Festival and the Chicago Science Festival, as well as the annual STEM Career Expo (April 17) and Outdoor Family Fair (June 9).
  3. Resources should be focused on branding Fermilab and advancing the lab’s priorities within the role of each office. Working with senior leadership, the Office of Communication has defined its communication priorities for 2019; work is prioritized consistent with these priorities.  A focus of both offices is to broaden content distribution and increase audience engagement.
  4. We serve as experts in our areas across the lab community. We are responsible for ensuring that employees and users are briefed on the lab’s messages and the applicable policies and procedures that relate to communications, education, and outreach.
  5. We are working to ensure that those speaking for the lab convey a consistent message. A key area of focus for both the Office of Communication and the Office of Education and Public Outreach is establishing clear messaging for those that speak on behalf of the lab and training employees and users regarding the lab’s messages.