From Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Peoples: the Finance Section’s top five

Vanessa Peoples

We are extremely busy in the Finance Section, with many unique challenges. On Tuesday, May 6, we gathered to discuss how we can best support the lab, highlight ongoing and upcoming activities, and shine a spotlight on Payroll Department. Here are the highlights from the meeting:

  1. Safety is paramount. This includes physical safety, but also cybersecurity – especially when executing business transactions. The Finance Section is vulnerable to cybersecurity risk and often targeted, especially in our purchasing and payables functions. Continue to be mindful of emails and requests for urgent actions from suspicious sources.
  2. We are a support function and need to align and support the lab’s efforts and strategic priorities. We must understand the plans, priorities and problems of the lab to be effective business partners. For example, supporting PIP-II, LBNF, DUNE, Mu2e and upgrades at the LHC are key for the success of the lab.
  3. We’re moving toward managing with metrics for operational excellence. This includes developing key performance indicators in our area and looking at metrics to be able to understand what we do, how we do it and identify opportunities to improve.
  4. The Finance Section continues to focus on strengthening business processes and internal controls. This includes invoicing and better understanding the prime contract, policies and related processes.
  5. There are a number of key activities under way, including budget formulation and addressing PEMP notables. We have to produce a quality outcome, since it affects funding for the lab. We’re making good progress on several of our PEMP notables, including rebuilding the procurement team, acquisition planning, and effectiveness measures.