From Chief Operating Officer Kate Gregory: OCOO’s top five

Kate Gregory

The COO organization gathered on May 6 for an all-hands meeting. Here are the top five takeaways from presentations given by Karen Kosky, Kay Van Vreede and me.

  1. Stay focused on upping performance to the highest level. Safety, projects, operations and business systems are all integral to the success of the lab’s goals.
  2. Project Success. The job that you do matters. Every person at the lab supports the lab’s Projects. Some have a direct role and others play an indirect role by keeping the business going in a safe, effective, efficient and predictable manner. The work in our support organizations is key to Project and laboratory success!
  3. Performance Improvement. Fermilab’s report card from DOE in fiscal year 2018 indicated room for improvement in our performance. This led to the reorganization and the Management Improvement Plan (MIP), Operational Excellence (OE) Plan and intense focus on the Performance, Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP).
  4. Inclusion. The lab’s goal is to provide an environment where we leverage the best local, national, and international talent to contribute to our research and our innovations.
  5. Embrace the change. Change is healthy and necessary and will allow the lab to evolve. Have a questioning attitude and become the change agent!