From Deputy Director for Administration Tim Meyer: ODDA’s top five

Tim Meyer

The Office of the Deputy Director for Administration (ODDA) organization gathered for their first all-hands meeting on May 6. Following are the top five takeaways from the meeting.

  1. The ODDA was created to help Fermilab identify and address vulnerabilities and foresee problems before they become crises. It brings together the knowledge, skills, and abilities of Fermilab’s strategic-planning, technology, development, legal, quality, assurance, project management and audit to fulfill this purpose.
  2. The highest priorities for the lab are the highest priorities for ODDA: baselining the PIP-II and LBNF/DUNE projects.
  3. We need to be safe at all times, at home and at work. Be sure to keep up with lab-related training (check your ITNA regularly to stay on top of requirements).
  4. Fermilab’s fiscal year 2019 Annual Lab Plan was submitted to DOE in April. The document describes Fermilab’s vision for the future and sets the stage for the lab director’s presentation on lab strategy to DOE in June.
  5. As part of Fermilab’s renewed engagement with technology development, the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer hosted the annual Inventor Recognition Ceremony in March. Fermilab recognized 64 lab employees for their technological innovations. More than 20 records of invention were submitted in 2018, an all-time high for the lab.