Past-due cybersecurity training

Fermilab has a long history of removing access to systems if someone does not have proper training. We are now applying the same standard to cybersecurity training. Individuals whose cybersecurity training is overdue will receive email notifications from the TRAIN system reminding them that they are overdue.

  • If these individuals do not take training within 30 days of receiving the notice, they will lose access to their Fermilab log-in accounts, including their Windows log-on and Kerberos accounts, until the training has been completed.
  • If, after 60 days, training still has not been completed, these individuals will lose access to their Services accounts, which enables access to email, FermiWorks and other lab applications.

Fermilab is measured by the DOE as well as the FRA on how well we complete training, but more important, we want to ensure our staff is well-equipped with knowledge on how to avoid cybersecurity issues at work.

If you receive a TRAIN email notification, please take your training as soon as possible.