Register for the Fermilab Fishing Derby

Register today for the Fermilab Fishing Derby!

What is the Fermilab Fishing Derby?
The Fermilab Fishing Derby is a family friendly event which is open to all Fermilab badge holders and their families! On June 8th we will meet at Swan Lake (the lake in front and to the left of Wilson Hall) to have a fishing competition. Prizes will be awarded for various categories. This event is fun for all ages. Learn more or register here!

Do I have to register in advance, or can I just show up?
Yes, you will need to register in advance. Space is limited and we will need to be able to prepare for the amount of people coming.

What if I don’t have a Fishing License?
Getting an Illinois fishing license is pretty easy and affordable. A 24-hour fishing pass is $5.50 (annual is $15) and children under 16 do not need a license. Visit the DNR website to learn more or to get your license.

Will there be any food?
Good news! This year the Fishing Derby is just the beginning of a fun-filled day—a fun- filled weekend, even, at Fermilab! After the Fishing Derby, head down to the Fermilab Village for lunch. The Frontier Pub will be offering lunch for $6. Lunch includes a burger, hot dog or veggie burger, fresh chips and soda pop. At 12 PM the Fermilab Pool will have a special (free) Open House.

On Sunday, the Lederman Center is having their annual Outdoor Family Fair from 1-4 PM.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Jessica Jensen.

Remember to register!