Ron Foutch retires from Fermilab on May 17

<center>Ron Foutch</center>

Ron Foutch

For 36 years, Fermilab civil engineer Ron Foutch has seen and helped Fermilab grow up. During his time, he has made sure that buildings rise, that earth is hollowed to make tunnels, and that pipes and cables connect it all together.

Now he is retiring and hanging up his hard hat. His last day is Friday, May 17.

Foutch has served Fermilab as a senior construction specialist and construction manager since the lab was 16 years old. He has been responsible for the oversight of construction projects related to the Tevatron, Main Injector, the NuMI beamline area, the Illinois Accelerator Research Center, the Utilities Upgrade Project and the Science Laboratory Infrastructure program.

“Ron made his mark, physically, at Fermilab, building physical spaces at the lab for the last 36 years,” said Joshua Kenney of FESS. “He has seen nearly every corner, nook and cranny of Fermilab, going to places that most people at the lab don’t ever see or experience.”

Foutch says his three-plus decades at the lab have left their own mark.

“I have had a great and rewarding experience as a civil engineer at Fermilab, including being involved in multiple diverse construction projects,” he said. “I will miss those challenges as well as the many co-workers I now call my friends.”

His Fermilab friends and colleagues will miss him, too.

“Ron is genuine, personal and engaging,” Kenney said. “He wears his heart on his sleeve. You always know where he stands.”

During retirement, Foutch will continue to be active at his church in Crystal Lake. He and his wife Carole also plan to be active travelers. They’ll keep their home base in Chicagoland, but no more Chicago winters for them.

“We will become snowbirds,” Foutch said. “I refuse to spend another winter in northern Illinois!”

Foutch’s retirement reception is Thursday, May 16, at lunchtime at Chez Leon. Cake will be served at 12:30 p.m. RSVP to the lunch by contacting Maria Martinez at x6598 by noon on Tuesday, May 14.