Shower shuttle available for Health and Fitness Day

Tuesday, May 7th, is the DOE Mile Race for Walkers & Runners starting at 11:30am at A-1 on Main Ring. All other Health & Fitness Day participants (walkers, runners, bikers, etc.) are welcome to come from 11:45am-1:30pm. T-shirts and snacks for the first 300 participants. Water available at all mile stops. Please note that the locker rooms on the Ground Floor, East Side, of Wilson Hall are closed for repairs. Shower Shuttles to the Fitness Center and IARC will be available from 12-1:30pm. The Shower Shuttle will pickup from the Wilson Hall parking lot by the steps leading over the berm and drop you off at IARC (1 men’s shower/1 women’s shower) or the Fitness Center (3 men’s showers/3 women’s showers) if you so desire. Weight Watcher participants are eligible to weigh in on the ground floor, East Side, ES&H Training Room, attend the event, and still get credit for attending WW. Hope to see everyone on the Ring.