Viral positivity

Stacey Vassallo

Research has shown that civility and positivity can go viral, and the cure for incivility is being nice! When we live and work in civil environments, we are happier and healthier.

Fermilab management is committed to promoting a positive environment at the lab. A Statement of Community Standards, developed and adopted in July 2017, works in conjunction with the lab’s Anti-Harassment Policy. Both apply to all members of the Fermilab community — employees, users, subcontractors, visitors and guests — and communicate the expectations that all members of the community are treated with respect and interact in a way that promotes diversity and inclusion across the lab.

Violations or other concerns within the Fermilab community may be reported to any member of lab management or a human resource partner, or via the confidential Fermilab Action Line at 1-630-840-4000.

Questions or concerns? Your HR partners are happy to address them:

Deanne Randich,, x4669

Stacey Vassallo,, x4363

Noel Wiedman,, x3325

Stacey Vassallo is Fermilab’s workforce services manager.