Be represented at the International Taste of Fermilab!

Join us for the International Taste of Fermilab!

The Taste of Fermilab is essentially a labwide potluck — it is about culture and it is about food. It is a celebration of cultural diversity! It is co-sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office and Global Services

The event itself will happen on July 11 in the Wilson Hall atrium, but we are still looking for folks to represent their cultures through food and there cultural components.  So far we have about 15 cultures represented —we invite you to join an existing team, or form your own if your culture is not yet represented.

There are many roles to play and many hands make light work.

Join us, either by signing up at the International Taste of Fermilab website or attending the meeting on Monday, June 17, at 3 p.m. in Wilson Hall 1E.

Don’t worry if you cannot come to the meeting. The meetings are a good platform for questions and checking in, but most of the preparation happens outside of the meetings.

If you have any questions you can email Jessica Jensen