Congrats to all of the winners at the Fermilab Fishing Derby

Saturday, June 8, was the Fermilab Fishing Derby. The weather was perfect, the fish were biting, and everyone had fun!

“The mosquito was the hardest one to find!” said one child as he turned in his nature scavenger hunt sheet for a prize. And that is how we like it!

Guin Hazelwood, Raghav Nair anf Kortnie Sanchez were the big winners of the day.

Guin won “Biggest Fish” with a 17-inch bass, Raghav won “Smallest Fish” with a 2.5-inch blue gill, and Kortnie won “Most Fish Caught” with five fish!

Kortnie’s entire family were natural anglers – they caught eight fish total.

Other winners of the day:

  • Oliver Wang, won a medal for catching the first fish
  • Nuutti Kortelainen for the smallest bass caught, 3.25 inches
  • Olivia Hazelwood caught a 6-inch blue gill and won “Biggest Blue Gill,” with Luke Soha coming in second with a 4-inch blue gill
  • Emilio Lopez caught the first bass for a prize
  • Pengfei Ding’s son, Jeremy Ding, won for the choosing the best name for our Fishing Derby mascot. He named him “Fermion” (but he may have had some help from his dad in choosing the name ?) !

Special thanks to the Frontier Pub for partnering in this event by offering a cook out meal after the event. Check out their Facebook page for more photos!

Special thanks also to Jeanne Ecker of the Recreations Office for continuing the fun day with a pool open house. To learn more about using the pool at Fermilab and other recreation activities, visit the Global Services website.

Special thanks also to out Fishing Derby commissioners, Kyle Hazelwood, Denton Morris and Aron Soha for planning the event, teaching us all how to fish and being good and fair judges.

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Jessica Jensen is the Fermilab global services outreach coordinator.

Photos by Jessica Jensen: