Did you like the food? International Taste of Fermilab a big success

Did you like the food? Let us know!

Last Thursday the International Taste of Fermilab was held in the Wilson Hall atrium. Cultural ambassadors from the Fermilab community represented their many diverse cultures at the event through food and a display of cultural items.

“This is amazing, I don’t know why I didn’t do this last year!” said Chuck Morrison, cultural ambassador for African American culture.

More 60 different foods – Chinese zongzi, Irish soda bread, Korean bibimpap, Russian ragu, Indian chana, Filipino lumpia – were sampled at the Taste. Also featured this year were some delicious and refreshing beverages from Mexico (aqua de Jamaica and horchata), Colombia (limonada de panela) and Peru (chicha morada).

One attendee commented, “I thought it was very good. There seemed to be plenty of tastes for everyone this year!”

Another attendee said that her favorite part of the event was “seeing such diverse people and food and learning a little bit about each culture.”

The International Taste of Fermilab is about more than food. It is an opportunity for people to share their cultures and to learn about others’. The atrium was full of color as each table had flags, art or other cultural representations. Ambassadors enjoyed talking about the food and decorations.

“It’s cool,” said Osama Mohsen, cultural ambassador for Jordan. “I like to show my culture to people.”

Represented at the International Taste of Fermilab were African American, American, Chinese, Colombian, Filipino, Indian, Irish, Italian, Jordanian, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian and Russian cultures.

Also in attendance was Abri Credit Union, who joined us by providing a lovely gift basket to raffle. Thank you!

A special thanks to the 75-plus cultural ambassadors, who gave their time and resources preparing food to make this event possible.

A collection of recipes is in the works! Stay tuned for more details.

Let us know what you thought of the event and how we can improve future events by filling out or survey.

Are you interested in joining us next year and representing your culture? Visit https://get-connected.fnal.gov/taste to sign up to be reminded about the event next year.

See pictures below, and view even more photos online.

Jessica Jensen is the Fermilab global services outreach coordinator.

  • Photo: Jessica Jensen