Help the climate survey action teams

All of the lab’s climate survey action teams are now in place and ready to go to work. Their job is to sort through the suggestions and recommendations you’ve already made and to short list them for senior management to review. Many of you have submitted excellent suggestions, but the action teams would like more. If you know of an idea that has been effective somewhere else, have a solution to a problem or have a great new idea, please pass it along. You can either send your ideas, suggestions, recommendations directly to one of the people on the teams listed below or you can submit it via this link.

Here is what the teams are focused on:

  • Employee engagement: What would make you feel more empowered at work? What would make you feel sincerely recognized for a job well done?
  • Trust: How can we increase trust between employees and management?
  • Communication: How can management more effectively communicate the lab’s vision and goals? How should management hear input from employees?
  • Individual goals and priorities: How can supervisors communicate job expectations, goals and priorities more clearly?
  • Career opportunities and promotions: What do you need to help you develop your career? What changes to the job posting process would be helpful?
  • Diversity: How can we attract more diverse job candidates? How can we retain a more diverse population once hired?
  • Inclusion: How can we make everyone feel welcome and on equal footing at the lab?

Here are the team members:

  • Employee engagement: Rhonda Merchut, Farah Fahim, Dave Pushka, Dave Baird, Jamieson Olsen, Lauri Loebel Carpenter, Laurie Pederson.
  • Trust: Ann Marie Matthei, Luke Martin, Brendon Kiburg, Bridget Iverson, Valery Stanley.
  • Communications: Patrick Hurh, Stephany Unruh, Yun He, Kavin Ammigan, Amber Kenney.
  • Individual goals and priorities: Chris Ader, Cara Brown, Eric McHugh, Steven Timm, Dawn McWha.
  • Career opportunities: Pete Cholewinski, Vitaly Pronskikh, Andrew McDaniel, Jemila Adetunji, Omar Al Atassi.
  • Diversity: Lisa Vega, Bob Zwaska, Kathy Vuletich, Thomas Strauss.
  • Inclusion: Cindy Joe, Chris Kelly, Kerry Aschenbach, Luciano Elementi, Mike Bonkalski.

Your ideas will help make the lab a better place for all of us. Please contribute!