Two chances left to fulfill your workplace inclusion training requirement

Sandra Charles

Have you completed your Inclusion Matters training? If not, you have still two opportunities to do so.

In February, we launched a new training series to provide employees and users with practical tools and resources that interrupt bias and promote workplace inclusion. The Inclusion Matters training requirement was placed on each employee’s ITNA, and the requirement is satisfied by attending any one of the Inclusion Matters talks or workshops [FN000608 / CR].

To date, more than 70% of the Fermilab team have participated. Our goal is to reach 100% before the 2019 fiscal year ends. If you have not attended an Inclusion Matters course, there is still time. The final two courses take place on Tuesday, July 16, and Wednesday, July 17. Register now for one of them.

  • Maura Cullen: Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say: 10 Skills to Increase Your Diversity Competence. Tuesday, July 16, 2-4:30 p.m., Ramsey Auditorium. FN000619/CR
  • Maura Cullen: Taking Adversity out of Diversity. Wednesday, July 17, 9-11:30 a.m., Ramsey Auditorium. FN000620/CR

To see whether you’ve completed your Inclusion Matters training requirement, visit your training summary. (Click on the submit button at the bottom of the linked page to be taken to your individual training summary.) In the summary table, look for the course title “Inclusion Matters: Unpacking Bias. Building Inclusion.” The course status column will tell you whether you’ve completed the course. If you haven’t, please enroll now. (A “past due” note means either that you have not signed up or that you’ve enrolled but note yet taken the course. Check your training schedule to be sure.)

And if you have, thank you. Encourage your co-workers and colleagues to sign up if they haven’t. Together, let’s create a more thoughtful, inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.

Sandra Charles is the Fermilab talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion manager.