Procurement Department launches Supplier Portal

Po Collins

The Fermilab Procurement Department is working on improving procurement operations efficiency and capacity by embracing a paperless environment and shifting into an online supplier collaboration and self-service.

As a part of that effort, in June 2019, we introduced a new cloud application geared toward our suppliers: the Supplier Portal.

For those who place requests with the Procurement Department, here’s a rundown of the Supplier Portal nuts and bolts:

What you need to know about the Supplier Portal?

All the existing suppliers that were actively involved with Fermilab in the last five years were migrated to the new application, and accounts have been created for all those that had valid email contacts available. New portal accounts are continually being added as contacts are added and updated.

New suppliers and those that have not done any business with Fermilab in last five years must register in the portal and furnish information that will help us to match procurement opportunities with prospective suppliers.

What’s new about the Supplier Portal?

Supplier Portal is a one-stop portal that allows suppliers to manage their company profiles and provide us the information required by DOE. It lets suppliers add and remove contacts, update the products and services the company offers, respond to solicitations, and send electronic messages to Fermilab supplier administrators and procurement specialists. Purchase orders and payments for newly processed invoices are also available for viewing.

In the future we will use the portal for online internal collaboration on solicitations, like team scoring and technical evaluation. The new process will also include collecting banking information to enable electronic payments and online invoice scanning and processing. Complete information, supplier portal tutorials, and other the helpful links are available online.

What do you need to do?

As the requester, there’s nothing you need to do differently. The process for placing requisitions is the same as it has been. However, the supplier side has changed in that now a self-service registration is required and then approved by Fermilab supplier administrators. All information about the Supplier Portal is on the Procurement Department website. And if you hear about others who have questions, point them to the site. Spread the word!

Po Collins is the Fermilab acquisition officer.