Site parking changes to begin Aug. 12

Site preparation work for the Integrated Engineering Research Center is scheduled to begin Monday, August 12. At that time, both the Wilson Hall east parking lot and the pedestrian bridge from the east parking lot to the A0 parking lot will close. A portion of the A0 parking lot will close temporarily. The bike/pedestrian path along the east reflecting pond will be rerouted around the front of Wilson Hall.

With the closing of the WH east lot, as well as a portion of the A0 lot, WH-area lots will either be very close to or over capacity, depending on the time of year, the day of the week and the number of visitors at the lab for tours, meetings and events.

A Parking Working Group has been meeting throughout the year to identify ways to address the loss of parking spaces. The group has taken into account considerable feedback from employees (via monthly brown bag lunches), the Employee Advisory Group and other stakeholders.

Following are suggestions that will help to manage the WH-area parking space reduction during the three-year IERC construction project:

  • Consider using the two overflow parking areas for Wilson Hall, located adjacent to Lederman Science Center and in the IARC overflow lot across the street from IARC
  • Take advantage of the Fermilab shuttle service, which now includes a scheduled route of stops throughout the site with more frequent stops between Wilson Hall (pick up and drop off in the horseshoe) and the two overflow lots during peak travel times between 8-10 am and 3-6 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • If you have scheduled tours for visitors and need to reserve a lab shuttle bus, be sure to call ext. 3132, allowing ample time since one shuttle is now dedicated to the fixed route.
  • Supervisors and managers should consider telecommuting or flexible work schedules in their department(s), if they are not already doing so, to reduce the number of vehicles on site (although we realize that this is not possible for some areas of the lab).
  • All lab-related meetings should include a zoom connection to allow everyone to participate without traveling, including employees working remotely and those who are located in different buildings from where meetings are being held.

The safety of employees, users and visitors is of the utmost importance. Work will be done to make walking paths from Wilson Hall to the two remote parking lots better equipped for walking, particularly in the winter months. Additional lighting will be added and pathways and lots will be cleared of snow and ice.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, contact Deb Sebastian and they will be addressed with the lab’s Parking Working Group. Responses to questions will continually be updated on the parking webpage, which also includes a detailed shuttle schedule with maps and general parking-related updates.