Take a brief survey about Fermilab’s taxi service

Take the shuttle survey. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Recently, the Fermilab taxi service was revised to accommodate recommendations and feedback received from the lab. Specifically, over the past few months and with the recent parking challenges, employees and users have requested in various forums the desire to have a fixed-route taxi service instead of an on-call service.

The transportation team responded to these requests and created a fixed-route taxi service that began operations in early August. The changes were well received by a few, disliked by some and talked about by many. Change is often difficult, and the ideas and concepts that went into those changes are not always clear to everyone affected by the change.

It was indicated in the initial announcement that the scheduling was created with the intention to provide service to all lab personnel. It was also indicated that after a few months, modifying the route to optimize the service would be considered. Through feedback received at the taxi@fnal.gov email, phone calls, comments and observations submitted in person and suggestions to the bus driver, the Transportation Department is reaching out to the laboratory population to solicit your feedback regarding your preferred method of operating the taxi and bus service.

Please take 20 seconds to complete this survey. The survey is very brief and will have a profound influence on how the lab decides to move forward with the service when modifications are made in the forthcoming months.