From Nigel Lockyer: Fermilab’s top five

Nigel Lockyer

Here are the highlights from the Sept. 12 state-of-the-lab all-hands meeting.

  1. Re-emphasize safety across the site. We do not want anyone at Fermilab to experience a life-altering bad day. You have the authority and obligation to stop work if you have questions or concerns about safety.
  2. LBNF: goal is to baseline in spring 2020. There is a lot going on at the far site in South Dakota, including pre-excavation and reliability work. At the near site in Batavia, the architect engineer (A/E) contract was awarded in August and design work has started. Site preparation will begin soon.
  3. PIP-II: baseline review will be January 28…good work, team. The Director’s CD-2/3a review noted the following: “excellent progress across the project,” “overall pace of progress is impressive” and “level of international engagement and ownership in the success of PIP-II is impressive.”
  4. Mu2e: funding complete, must close out successfully. Beamline installation making significant progress. Winding has started on the 11 detector solenoid coils. Transport solenoid unit acceptance testing continues at the heavy assembly building.
  5. Continuing to improve business systems and operations is necessary. Four areas of the lab are using Operational Excellence as a framework to make improvements and create metrics to measure progress. In addition, implementation plans that address this year’s climate survey results and employee recommendations are in the works.


Editor’s note:

The video of the September 12 director’s all-hands meeting is available online. Access to the Fermilab network is required to view the video.

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