Link to climate survey recommendations

Learn what the climate survey action teams recommended to senior management (must be on the Fermilab network).


  • The climate survey was conducted at the end of March to give employees an opportunity to impact the future of the lab and improve the quality of life.
  • Overall, Fermilab scored in the 61st percentile as compared to similar organizations.
  • Based on the responses from 70 percent of employees, seven areas were identified as areas for improvement: communications, employee engagement, trust, diversity, inclusion, career opportunities, and individual goals and priorities.
  • Employees submitted ideas and recommendations and some volunteered to serve on seven action teams focusing on the identified areas.
  • The action teams studied the recommendations and many of teams solicited even more feedback from their colleagues.
  • The action teams shortlisted the recommendations and presented them on September 9 to the senior management team.

Next steps:

  • A small group consisting of action team members, subject matter experts and senior management will work on an implementation plan recommendation.
  • Concurrently, Division/Sections/Projects are working on their individual action plans.