News question: Know your accelerating gradients?

Quiz time: This week we’re spotlighting news about an accelerator cavity test.

But first, join Fermilab News at Work in congratulating Heath O’Connell for winning last week’s quiz. Neutrons can travel many tens of centimeters from an antineutrino interaction before being detected. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Now, show off your knowledge of the news coming out of Fermilab in this week’s quiz. A winner will be randomly selected from all lab employees and users who submit the correct answer to today’s question by noon CT today, Sept. 26.

This week’s question: This summer a group at Fermilab successfully tested a cryocooler-cooled accelerator cavity. What is the numerical value of the accelerating gradient achieved by the cavity? (Hint: See “Cool and dry: a revolutionary method for cooling a superconducting accelerator cavity.”)

Good luck! We will announce the winner and answer next week.

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For the first time, a team at Fermilab has cooled and operated a superconducting radio-frequency cavity — a crucial component of superconducting particle accelerators using cryogenic refrigerators — with cryocoolers, breaking the tradition of cooling cavities by immersing them in a bath of liquid helium. Photo: Marty Murphy