Try biking to work! Join Fermilab Bike Buddies!

Are you interested in biking to work but aren’t sure how to get started? Or do you currently bike to work, but could use a community to keep you motivated?  Join the Fermilab Bike Buddy program and try it out with help from a coworker!

How it works:
You will be matched with a coworker at Fermilab who will answer any questions you have about bike commuting, help you map out the safest and easiest route to work, go over basic safety guidelines, and bike with you to and from work a few times so you can get the hang of it. All levels of biking experience are welcome!

Email Hannah Ward at to sign up or find out more!

Bike commuting has a lot of great benefits!
•        It’s amazing for your health.
•        You will save money on gas and put less miles on your car.
•        You won’t have to worry about finding parking.
•        You will get to spend more time outside.
•        It’s a great way to get your day started.
•        It’s good for the environment.
•        You will discover more in your neighborhood and along the trails.
•        You’ll be joining a great community!