From Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer Alison Markovitz: OCSPO’s top five

Alison Markovitz

The Office of the Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer held an all-hands meeting on October 7. Here are the top five messages from the presentation:

  1. We are leaders in promoting safety for employees and visitors. The Office of Communication takes the lead, working with ES&H, to communicate safety initiatives to lab employees and users. The Office of Education and Public Outreach ensures the safety of visitors, including students on tours.
  2. Our work is about people – the amazing things that Fermilab employees do and how we can educate and inspire others around the world. Recent examples include: highlighting Jessica Esquivel being selected as an American Association for the Advancement for Science ambassador for girls in STEM and Brad Benson and Sasha Rahlin being awarded the 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics; leading the Fermilab Community Advisory Board that includes members from the Chicagoland area; managing a successful event in Chicago with C2ST which celebrated the life of Nobel laureate and former Fermilab Director Leon Lederman; and highlighting the diverse Faces of DUNE.
  3. The Office of Communication is focused on conveying impactful content that engages our stakeholders. Amplification of stories to targeted audiences is key. An example includes this month’s Symmetry series on Latin America, which covers important places, significant milestones, and people who are shaping particle physics and astrophysics in Latin America.
  4. Primary responsibility for community relations and public outreach has transitioned to the Office of Education and Public Outreach. Welcome to Becky Thompson who joined Fermilab in August as the head of the Office of Education and Public Outreach.
  5. EPO is beginning a strategic planning process; the process will include focusing on impact and alignment with Fermilab’s mission and priorities. Elements include assessing impact and a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Alison Markovitz is Fermilab’s chief strategic partnerships officer.