Fermilab radiation experts publish textbook on accelerator radiation safety

Don Cossairt

Since 1993, Fermilab’s Don Cossairt and, more recently, Matt Quinn have taught the U.S. Particle Accelerator School’s accelerator radiation safety course more than a dozen times to over 100 physics graduate students. During this time, more and more people came to see the course’s value, and the desire to have those lessons captured in one place grew.

Their new textbook “Accelerator Radiation Physics for Personnel and Environmental Protection” is now available. You can check it out from the lab library. As Fermilab’s former and current senior radiation safety officers (SRSOs), Don and Matt have successfully put to the page a graduate course that addresses the major radiation physics issues commonly encountered at accelerators of all particle types and energies.

Matt Quinn

Writing a book is no small feat. Writing a textbook on a complex topic whose benefit ultimately redounds to everyone in the accelerator community is certainly to be applauded. Their book is sure to serve both as an introduction to the field for students and as a valuable reference for radiation safety professionals for years to come.

Don Cossairt is a Distinguished Scientist at Fermilab. He has played many important roles at Fermilab, including as the head of the Environment, Safety and Health Section. He has authored many papers on radiation safety and has played a key role in the DOE’s accelerator safety community.

Matt Quinn, who is the laboratory laser safety officer in addition to being the SRSO, works on shielding assessments, operational radiation safety, radioanalytical measurements and laser safety. He plays a key role in the DOE’s Laser Safety Task Group and, starting in 2020, will be the president of the Accelerator Section of the Health Physics Society.

Congratulations to Don and Matt.

Amber Kenney is the Fermilab chief safety officer.