From Deputy Director for Administration Tim Meyer: ODDA’s top five

Tim Meyer

The Office of the Deputy Director for Administration held an all-hands meeting on October 21. Here are the top five messages from the presentation:

  1. Good work requires intentionality and attentiveness. The safety initiative is about being highly intentional (plan, rehearse, prepare and communicate) and very attentive (if things are different, something happens or the work changes, then notice it).
  2. Progress we’ve made: science. This year the lab has advanced LBNF/DUNE/PIP-II projects toward baselining, broken ground on facilities, led and supported collaborations; delivered competitive scientific results and drove technology forward in Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) technology and Quantum Information Systems (QIS); and we launched the new Fermilab Quantum Institute.
  3. Progress we’ve made: leadership. We grew and improved partnerships and technology transfer programs; substantially increased industry engagement; supported the transition to the SURF Cooperative Agreement through close work with the Fermi Site Office and DOE/HEP; and advanced relationships with University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory via the Joint Task Force Initiative (JTFI).
  4. Progress we’ve made: business operations. We completed fiscal year 2019 PEMP notable outcomes and made progress on all PEMP goals and objectives; established a safety initiative, began a labwide clean-up effort and hosted DOE/EA on work planning and control; launched the Operational Excellence initiative; and refined the budget-planning process to ease fiscal year 2020 planning.
  5. ODDA year in review. This team was created to help the lab refocus on excellence, assurance and stakeholder expectations. Thank you to everyone for a year filled with accomplishments and hard work!

Tim Meyer is Fermilab’s deputy director for administration.