Gunshot detection system calibration on Oct. 17

On Thursday, October 17, from approximately 9 p.m. to midnight, Fermilab and the Kane County Sheriff’s Office will conduct live-gunfire tests of Fermilab’s onsite ShotSpotter gunfire detection system. The tests, part of routine maintenance of the system, will be conducted safely on the Fermilab site, using bullet traps. No live rounds will be fired into the air or into the ground and there will be no danger to the public or wildlife.

On Thursday evening, the sound of gunfire may be heard on the Fermilab site, including in the Village, as well as in neighborhoods around Fermilab. Residents of the Fermilab Village and adjacent residential areas will be notified of the testing. There will be no road or building closures during the testing.

The laboratory’s ShotSpotter system uses a network of sensors to detect the sound of gunfire and pinpoint its location, instantly alerting Fermilab security. By quickly notifying security with precise location information, the ShotSpotter system helps speed up response and has the potential to save lives in an emergency situation. The tests on Thursday night will be used to calibrate the system.

Please contact Fermilab Security Chief Joe Rogers if you have questions.