Neutrino costume goes south, and not South Dakota

Has anyone seen Casper? Can anyone see Casper? Photo: Henrickson

Postdoc and people-avoider Sophia Casper thought she had the perfect costume for her apartment complex Halloween party, but things did not go as planned for this adorkable party goer.

“As an introvert I thought going as a neutrino would be the perfect costume,” said Dr. Casper the friendly ghost particle. Her plan was to wear a bedsheet, puffy paint it with a ν and just keep in character. Like a neutrino, she wouldn’t have to interact with anything or anyone. She could avoid awkward conversations about when that next PRL article would be accepted or how her job search was going.

What she didn’t anticipate was the problems this could cause. Within five minutes of arrival, two people had run into her without stopping, one of whom spilled an entire Aperol Spritz down her side without so much as an apology. Things did not improve when no one could hear her pleas for directions to the restroom to clean up. Thinking a drink of her own might help, she headed to the bar. In spite of enthusiastic arm waving she was never able to flag down the bartender. Even the snack table proved to be a challenge when she could never get her hands on a plate. At least she was able to enjoy the liquid argon ice cream.

“It’s much better than liquid-nitrogen ice cream, but what I really would have loved was just some Doritos,” she said.

She realized she’d never be able to hail a cab in her current outfit, so she had to walk the two miles home. At least it was a quick trip.

“I should have just told people I was going as a neutrino and then not shown up. No one would have noticed either way,” Casper said.

She’s learned her lesson for next year’s getup.

“Next year I’ll just go as the red shift. I can sew together a shift dress that’s blue in the front and red in the back. At least I’ll be scientifically accurate if I have to flee the scene quickly,” she said.

A ‘redshift shift dress’ might not be as original, but at least she’ll have a shot at the guacamole next year!