Restricted pedestrian access on Main Ring Road coming this fall

As we continue building for our future, changes in vehicular traffic will be necessary.  Starting this fall, vehicular traffic will be rerouted around Wilson Hall and over a newly constructed berm crossover roadway through the A-Zero parking lot to Main Ring Road.  Consequently, a portion of Main Ring Road will no longer be accessible to pedestrians due to an expected increase in vehicular traffic around the A-Zero building.  Walkers and runners on Main Ring Road will be impacted by these new restrictions.  Prior to rerouting vehicular traffic around Wilson Hall, a notification will be sent out with specific information and maps associated with these new pedestrian restrictions.  Please consider using Main Injector Roadway or entering/exiting Main Ring Road at select locations, which will be communicated in the notification.  From Wilson Hall, Main Ring Road is a 3-3/4 mile round trip and Main Injector Road is a 3-1/4 mile round trip.  Please contact Amber Kenney at x2977 with any questions.