From Chief Safety Officer Amber Kenney: OCSO’s top fve

Amber Kenney

The ES&H Section, headed by Fermilab Chief Safety Officer Amber Kenney, held its all-hands meeting on Monday, Oct. 7. Read on for the top five takeaways from the meeting.

1. The ES&H climate survey has resulted in a closer look at how the section can help teams better manage workload, engage in professional and career development opportunities, receive recognition, take training, and sustain diversity and inclusion conversations throughout the year.
2. The Improving Safety Initiative launched by the lab director is rolling ahead. A task force has been established made up of the heads of AD, PD, ND, APSTD and FESS.  Each organization has started cleanup activities for priority locations to ensure workers have the space, equipment and tools needed to perform work safely.
3. Insufficient work planning and control have been identified as a root cause of many incidents at Fermilab. A simplified and improved Work Planning and Control Program (via FESHM 2060) is now drafted and gathering feedback from all organizations. The guidelines for work planning and control can be summarized using the mnemonic “SHAPE”: scope, hazards and controls, authorize work, perform work, evaluate.
4.The Fermilab Security Department is working to assess risks and keep the site open and secure. A new guard force contractor will start in January – The contractor is new, but you’ll see many of the same faces.
5. Fermilab will need to be REAL ID-compliant by October 2020. Employees should take active steps to obtain a REAL ID, which means obtaining a compliant state-issued ID, military ID or passport.

Amber Kenney is the Fermilab chief safety officer.