New lockout/tagout and configuration control tags

As a best practice, Fermilab is updating the tags used for lockout/tagout and configuration control to follow ANSI/NEMA 535.5, “Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for temporary hazards).” The format for both types of tags has been changed to follow the standard.

In addition, four types of configuration control tags are now available, with the appropriate wording and color for the degree of hazard:

Danger: Red. For use where severe injury or death is likely or certain. (Stockroom number 2650-401200)
Warning: Orange. For use where severe injury or death is possible. (Stockroom number 2650-401300)


Caution: Yellow. For use where there is a risk of minor or moderate injury. (Stockroom number 2650-401400)
Notice: Blue. For use where there is no risk of injury or death personnel. (Stockroom number 2650-401500)


A flow chart to help you select the correct type of configuration control tag is available:


Because tags for lockout/tagout must be uniform in appearance and wording, they will remain red and continue to use the words “DANGER DO NOT OPERATE.” Standard lockout/tagout tags are carried as Stockroom number 2650-401100. Lockout/tagout tags with the self-laminating flap are carried as Stockroom number 2650-401000.

Legacy tags may be used until those stocks are depleted.

Dave Mertz is the Fermilab electrical safety officer.